Plumbers townsville
Plumbers townsville
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Blocked drain townsville
Blocked drain townsville
Blocked drain townsville
Frequently Asked Questions
Common Questions about Plumbers and Plumbing:



Plumbers are your experts in everything water and waste. From dripping taps through to hot water units and blocked sewer lines. A plumber is trained over a number of years to perform works on these systems and provide a solution to the problem quickly, efficiently and professionally.


Calling Top to Bottom Plumbing is your best bet in the Townsville region. Pipework doesn’t block for no reason and often there may be an underlying cause to the blocked drain. Top to Bottom Plumbing provide expert services in providing a solution to the immediate problem and providing the required reporting and remedial solution for a permanent repair


Multiple things can cause a drain to block including faulty pipework, tree roots, and foreign objects having been placed into the system. It is best to give Top to Bottom Plumbing a call to help solve and resolve – call now on (07) 4779 7722!


Sometimes drains continue to block periodically indicating an underlying problem. Call Top to Bottom Plumbing for a professional and permanent solution which may involve excavation and replacement or relining of the existing pipework


In short – Top to Bottom Plumbing carry replacement parts and replacement tapware for every area of your bathroom kitchen and laundry, including basin taps, shower taps, sink taps, garden taps, toilet taps, wall taps, isolation taps. You can view our range on our website


Top to Bottom Plumbing install every toilet you can imagine – from in wall right through to your basic loo for the guest house. Check them out online or ring through to our office for a free consultation on what will work for a a new toilet suite at your property.


A plumber is your best bet to diagnose any issue in relation to a hot water unit problematic symptom. Top to Bottom Plumbing provide a free quoting service – where an electrician is more suited, you will be advised whilst onsite of the requirements.


This is a difficult question to answer and ideally should be discussed during a free quotation as to what will suit your property in terms of installation and product costs vs running efficiency. Call us on (07) 4779 7722 to book your free quotation.


A pre-purchase inspection is designed to help identify any existing issues within the plumbing or roofing of a property. This can help with a buying decision and the expected maintenance and capital costs post purchase of a property. Top to Bottom Plumbing offer this service – call through to our office to book an appointment.


A roof plumber is a plumber that has been trained and assessed in all facets of roof coverings and associated fixings and drainage. Roofing is part of the plumbing trade in Queensland. All of our in field staff are qualified in both roofing and plumbing.


Gutters and downpipes form a part of the plumbing trade. Ring through to our office to book in a free estimate for any issues you are experiencing with your property in relation to gutters and downpipes.


Plumbing is a licenced trade through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission – it is not recommended that you attempt your own plumbing in the event that this causes you further issues and distress if it doesn’t work out. A licence is required for any plumbing outside of basic hand man services ie tap washer replacement. Form 4 – notifiable works should be issued after plumbing works notifying the QBCC of works that have been completed at your property. Form more information on notifiable works please see the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website.


Absolutely – all plumbers at Top to Bottom Plumbing are fully licenced as a regulated trade. For further information please see the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website.


If the plumbing related fault is causing immediate damage to your property or you are without essential services call through to Top to Bottom Plumbing. These works are classed as an emergency and are given a priority service to make sure Townsville residents are receiving the best plumbing experience. Top to Bottom Plumbing offer a 24 hour emergency service for these issues.


Of course! Plumbing faults can sometimes be expensive. We offer a finance solution for everyone to make sure problems can be fixed immediately, efficiently and professionally.


You can from Top to Bottom Plumbing! For any general enquires please call us for help with your questions on (07) 4779 7722


In Queensland the hours worked by a plumber are generally from 7am through to 5pm. Outside of these hours it is expected a different rate is applied.


Call out fees have become an industry standard – but not for us! You are charged by the hour and for any materials used during the rectification of your plumbing related issue.


A plumber will charge there hourly rate, any materials, any speciality equipment and forms and legislative fees. Contact us on (07) 4779 7722 for an estimate.



Emergency plumber townsville

Top to Bottom Plumbing, Townsville’s local plumbing professionals, are able to offer commercial and residential customers a wide range of expert plumbing services, including a reliable 24/7 emergency plumbing callout service.

Plumbers townsville

Having worked with many commercial and residential customers across Townsville, we decided to create a dedicated roofing division to provide a comprehensive selection of roofing services to meet our customers’ roofing needs, including installations, maintenance and repairs.

Hot Water
townsville Plumber

We can offer you a fantastic deal on their outstanding hot water system products and our personable plumbing experts are always on hand to help you decide which of the Rheem products we supply best meets your home or business water heating requirements.

townsville Plumber

If you have a blocked or broken drain at your home or place of work, it’s essential to have it seen to immediately by a Townsville blockage professional who uses the latest plumbing equipment and techniques.

Drain Repairs
Blocked drain townsville

A blocked drain at home or work can wreak havoc with our daily lives and it can also pose a serious health risk to our families, employees and customers.

Emergency plumbers townsville

Top to Bottom Plumbing are leading providers of property management solutions for all property investors, from those with a single investment property to their name to investors with comprehensive investment portfolios located across Townsville to look after and manage.

Emergency plumber townsville
Plumbers townsville


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Top To Bottom Plumbing are a locally owned Townsville plumber company that covers all aspects of commercial and residential plumbing in the region. We have been the leading Townsville plumbers since we commenced our operation back in 2010. We offer a full range of services including installs of new plumbing in new house builds, repairs and maintenance, leak detection and other niche services such as major roofing as well as the detection of your Townsville blocked drain. At Top To Bottom Plumbing Townsville we really do take care of everything and for peace of mind we also offer an emergency plumbers Townsville service to ensure works are completed when required. If you are wanting to deal with the leading Townsville plumbers give us a call today and start experiencing the difference our local company can make for you. (If you require the services of a Townsville emergency plumber call us on (07) 4779 7722

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